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Hocking County

Juvenile & Probate Courts

Probate Court Costs
Effective as of January 2010

Deposit of Will $8.00
Filing Will for Record $58.00
Filing Will for Record Plus Form 22B $58.00
Filing Will for Record with Tax Papers $63.00
Filing Tax Papers Only $58.00
Filing Form 22B Only $53.00
Guardianship of Incompetent $250.00
Guardianship of Minor $110.00
Adoption (Deposit) $410.00
Each Additional Child $160.00
Agency Adoption $160.00
Adoptive Placement $237.50
Pre-Adoptive Placement $240.00
Private Adoption $560.00
Each Additional Child $160.00
Civil Action $125.00
Minor Settlement $90.50
Marriage License $60.00
Change of Name $115.00
Registration of Birth $61.00
Correction of Birth $59.00
Admit Foreign Records (Authorized Copies) Estate or Guardianship $68.00
Plus $1.00 per page
Release Authorized Copies $1.00
Plus $.15 per page
Ancillary Administration (Deposit) $150.00
Special Needs Trust (Deposit) $75.00
Release of Adoption Information $50.00
Foreign Adoption $135.00
Structured Settlement $120.50
For Summary Release Please Call Court
Release of Administration Please Call Court
Full Administration Please Call Court